Gold Matters
A Golden Opportunity for Future Financial Independence

About Gold Matters

Gold Matters is owned by Duncan Bates, a business entrepreneur based in Cape Town, South Africa.

He started the business project in April of 2018, in order to set up various business ventures to achieve financial independence, and to assist others to achieve the same. He has been mentored by several internationally successful business leaders, such as Tony de Gouveia, Brett Maaske, Craig van Zyl, Robert Kiyosaki, Marius Landman, Coert Coetzee, amongst others. He is NOT a financial advisor, but has taken decisive action to take back control of his financial affairs, rather than putting those decisions in the hands of a bank, insurance broker or the government. He is perfectly positioned to teach and train both novice. as well as already successful, business owners, to acquire gold, and to set up additional passive (residual) income streams.

Gold Matters is affiliated with Karatbars International GmbH, having its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. 

The company's bio reads:

2011 was a decisive year for Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz. With the founding of Karatbars International GmbH in Stuttgart, his dream of making gold available and transferable for many people at all times came true. CEO and founder Harald Seiz recognized that gold in small denominations must be affordable for everyone and thus offers many people the opportunity to build and preserve a secure existence in the form of gold. GoldCards with small integrated fine gold bars of 1 gram are shipped from Stuttgart all over the world. Today Karatbars International is the market leader for gold in small denominations. Gold was the past and is the future. Today, digital gold can be sent to any Karatbars partner worldwide via Karatpay, a transaction app developed by Karatbars. 2017 was another important year for Karatbars International. After company founder Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz recognized the possibilities of new technologies such as the Blockchain and developed together with his technology partner Cryptodata groundbreaking solutions for digital transactions and communication. The Impulse K1 came onto the market at the end of 2019 and the WHIM Laptop will appear at the beginning of 2020 - both the first communication solutions with voice-over-blockchain communication.

Gold Matters is also a member of Python Signals, a world leader in Bitcoin and the Top 40 Cryptocurrency trend forecasts and price predictions. 

The company's founders are:

Gavin Victor

Director of Business Operations

Know the Market before it Moves
Receive expert analysis of the crypto
market before major moves occur.
Know how and why the market is
behaving the way it is to assist
informed decisions. 

Marius Landman

Chief Analyst and Trader

Market Leader
Follow the strategy of an experienced trader/analyst who has achieved over 500% return to date  in 2018 whilst in a Bear Market and achieved close to an incredible 7000% during 2017. 

Enakirerhi Ejovwoke

Director of Marketing

Be Informed at All Times
Receive exclusive, detailed reports and daily updates on the Cryptocurrency Market from an experienced trader and
his team of analysts.